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I have finally decided to stop the NEBRA SKY DISC Project....and my collaboration with Mr Eckaert REUTER... I annonced to WARNER Chapell to stop associating any music that I have composed with the NEBRA project....
i am looking into other works these days....


Ecrit par frederick, le Samedi 6 Mai 2006, 03:00 dans "NEBRA SKY DISC Project".

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jaxx - le 06-05-06 à 13:54 - #

Can you explain in few words why you wanted to stop?


C-Real - le 08-05-06 à 12:28 - #

Que s'est-il passé (si ce n'est pas trop indiscret) ?

J'ai crois avoir lu également que tu avais déménagé ton studio... qu'en est-il ?


A very simple question

Wolfgang Hoff - le 09-05-06 à 19:32 - #

Dear Sir,<br />honestly, have you been drunk while writing this?<br />" have finally decided to stop the NEBRA SKY DISC Project....and my collaboration with Mr Eckaert REUTER... I annonced to WARNER Chapell to stop associating any music that I have composed with the NEBRA project.... i am looking into other works these days.... "<br />No other coment, it would simply be wasted in my eyes and ears. Not a single upcomming release by you will enter my library from now on! I am curious for your statement, if you should be brave and tough enough do give any!!!<br />Yours, Wolfgang Hoff from Germany<br /><br />

Sorry, but are you nuts?

Andy Heinz - le 11-05-06 à 18:48 - #

Dear Mr. Rousseau,

I regretfully noticed that you've decided to cancel the "Nebra Sky Disc" project. I really have to wonder why you are going to miss such a great opportunity as the Nebra Skydisc is one of mankind's most extraordinary historical artifacts which is wellknown worldwide.

I know many fans of electronic music (fans of Vangelis, Jarre and others) including myself who are very disappointed by your decision. What could happened that you made this decision? Can it be such bad that you cancel such an unique project?

You are a great composer and producer and it will be a pity to not experience your musical vision of the Nebra Skydisc. You also worked together with big names like Vangelis and Jarre and you could have been another big name in the world of electronic music with that great project. Don't miss this opportunity!

I really hope that you will consider it again and hopefully will change your mind and go on with that project.

Kind regards, Andy Heinz (Wiesbaden, Germany)


Anonyme - le 13-05-06 à 10:21 - #

i think he decided because he will help for Jean Michel Jarre for his new album...

Some artists stand in their own way...

Matthias Eisloeffel, JMJ Fanclub Germany - le 14-05-06 à 10:43 - #

Dear Mr. Rousseau,

the Nebra disc is an archaeological finding of worldwide importance, has already been compared with the pyramids and is fascinating lots of people worldwide by it's mystery and magic and the interesting story of its finding. Every musician would be happy to realise a project which is inspired by such a magical artefact.

Besides this, so many people know the disc, that a huge success is guaranteed.

There are much less people who know Frederick Rousseau and his solo works. To give such an opportunity to gain lots of fans worldwide out of hands is crazy.

Lots of electronic music fans expected something great from this project. But unfortunately now the electronic music scene seems to be dead, as Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis don't do any longer the music, the fans like and expect from them. And obviously other artists don't want to follow them, but prefer to stay unknown.

Best regards

Matthias Eisloeffel,

JARRELOOK, Jean Michel Jarre Fanclub Germany

Anonyme - le 14-05-06 à 20:48 - #

Jean Michel Jarre is COMPOSING a NEW album!!!


Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 15:28 - #

Jean Michel Jarre is COMPOSING a NEW album!!!

Who cares?!

Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 15:55 - #

What??? Who cares????
Me! And lot of others!!!

Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 16:39 - #

I don't mind whether Jarre composes a new album or not. The albums from Oxygene to Chronologie (except Zoolook and Chants Magnetiques) have a heavy influence by Michel Geiss. The same goes for Zoolook and also Chants Magnetiques with Rousseau. Jarre himself hasn't a good style. He always needed and needs professional help by his collaborators! 

But to go back on topic: it's a pitty that Frédérick decided to kick this project! And it would be a shame if he did it for Jarre!


Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 16:52 - #

YOU say this...

Vangelis also needed others' help, always! Look at his period from 1998! El Greco, Mythodea, Alexander..., which are not the best ones! He also need other - Rousseau's - help!

If somebody help you, then you can reach bigger achivement! This is regarding Jarre too! Jarre composed Oxygene and Chroologie and others, and not Geiss!!

Jarre has good sytle, and please don't make such a comment which is "depressive" to others! I am Waiting his new album and its would be great with the help of Rousseau!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 17:14 - #

I look forward to Rousseau's new solo work and not to his help for Jarre. That's not interesting to me. I have no deal with Jarre.

Are you sure that Geiss didn't compose Oxygene or Chronologie? ;-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 17:15 - #

What the f**k your problem?? I really don't understand!!! Why are you against Jean Michel so much??

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 17:31 - #

What's your problem? This is the blog of Frédérick Rousseau and not of Jarre and I'm not a fan of Jarre. Do you have problem with people who are not fans of Jarre? Then you should watch the video "Concert for Tolerance" of Jarre, because you seem to be not rather tolerant. 

And to go back on topic, because this is Frédérick's blog (!), and it also doesn't matter what Jarre does: keep on going on with the Nebra project, Frédérick! 

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 17:40 - #

At first you had a crude the way...(i just would like to know why are you against JMJ  soo much...)

As for Rousseau, because i also like some of his work very much: its really bad this project had been cancelled...

I would add this at last: Frederick's effect is on Vangelis also...!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 15-05-06 à 18:15 - #

I think that my style is neither crude nor rude. I don't like Jarre - that's all. For that I needn't justify myself.

And yes, Rousseau effected also on Vangelis... without any doubt. 

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 18-05-06 à 17:06 - #

Go for Nebra !!! Everybody wants it. A huge fan. Greetings from Swizerland.

Willi Diwo - le 14-05-06 à 21:10 - #

Dear Mr. Rousseau,
as a large fan of electronic music I visit also your web page regularly in hope to experience news over new music projects. It had made me happy very much that a worldwide known musician took care of the topic of the sky disk of Nebra to convert around this in music. I was all the more surprised, as I had to read today that this project was to have been stopped. I am sure, you disappoint thereby very many fans of your music, go it nevertheless around an artifact, which connects earliest mankind history with our present and in addition also a bridge into our future represents. It should be an honour to be able and be allowed to convert such a symbol in music. I hope nevertheless that your fans will sometime experience the reason for the task of such a project. I beg your pardon for my bad English.

Willi Diwo, Ueberherrn/Germany

Re: Nebra

Dieter Kiauka - le 15-05-06 à 19:07 - #

Dear Mr. Rousseau,

I am writing for the the german music magazine called "Moonhead" especially about electronic music. I am very dissapointed that you have cancelled the "Nebra-Projekt". In germany is a great potential for good electronic music, and I think you have cancelled your chance to esthablish your name beneath J.M. Jarre or Vangelis.

Greetings from germany

Dieter Kiauka

Final Answer

frederick - le 15-05-06 à 21:11 - #


Yes I decide to quit officially for a simple reason :
After 10 mounths of deals and meetings I never receive one official deal from records or Major company in Germany.....  how can I make a  the " NEBRA SKY DISC Project " without a license deal ,and a real interest from the majors? I understand you are all surprised , 
 Here is the reason of my withdraw.... I am really sorry and sad by this situation....

For clarifying the Jarre situation, I am not involve in any new album, we just meet few time , that all.!!!
And I don't have any special news.....  about a new album on fire......
will see in the future....

See you later

Re: Final Answer

jaxx - le 15-05-06 à 21:29 - #

Thank you for your answer. I can imagine one can loose faith in recordcompanies. Music is art, recordcompanies are money. Sometimes it combines, often not. But to create music is a power no record executive can ever fake. Like a pilote explaining what it is to fly, if you have never been up in the sky.

I am sure there is already the melody of a new song somewhere, and maybe it will not be called Nebra sky, it will find its way out there I hope.

And about the Jarre/Vangelis talk... there are so many talented and good players out there...sadly only these two names return a lot of times. Vangelis is doing mostly orchestral works these days and Jarre... well, I think he needs to do a good studio album again, someday. Its been a long time.

Frederick, give us a new soundclip! :-)

Re: Final Answer

Andy Heinz - le 15-05-06 à 21:37 - #

Chèr Frédérick,

Je vous demande que vous ne jetez pas la manche après la cognée !

S'il vous plaît, ne renoncez pas à votre courage en raison de cela. Quelques choses ont besoin du temps. Peut-être aussi "major companies" d'Allemagne. Gardez ce projet dans l'esprit. Je suis sûr que tout finira bon.

Bonne chance, Andy Heinz (Wiesbaden, Allemagne)

PS: Pardonnez-moi mon français mauvais.

Re: Final Answer

Anonyme - le 16-05-06 à 15:59 - #

As i know you said that you and Jean Michel are working on new sound experience...??? You said: after Jarre return from Poland, you will help him for his new album...


Re: Re: Final Answer

frederick - le 16-05-06 à 20:03 - #

I never say that ... I only said that we meet and exchange own proper view of the music... for a future collaboration , it is too soon.....

Re: Re: Re: Final Answer

Anonyme - le 16-05-06 à 23:04 - #

Thank you for your answer!

I was interseted in this future collaboration...

end of Nebra project?

Wolfgang Flur - le 16-05-06 à 15:18 - #

Dear Frederick,

my name is Wolfgang Flur from the Yamo music project, former Kraftwerk drummer. I cannot understand why you closed your wonderful Nebra project. During a visist at Eckhard's house  had the chance to listen into your music which made me happy. "Moonchild" and "Of Bronce and Gold" are wonderful songs, can make the listener happy! It's such a glory in the songs and I only can recommend: Bring that record out - the humanity MUST hear it!

I know Eckhard Reuter since years and don't know anyonwe who works more passionate than he does. I stay with him and let him do his job for me, I trust him. Eckhard Reuter is a visionary in his genre. A very rare one.

Good luck to you and your wonderful music,

Wolfgang Flur  (

Re: end of Nebra project?

frederick - le 16-05-06 à 20:12 - #


I am sorry but i don't have any opinion about Eckaert, he only can be responsible of the situation !!!!
He is not my Manager , Producer, Agent or Publisher.....
I am sorry but all this don't taste good anymore...

And to be clear :
Hervé Lasseigne: is my Agent and Manager
I always  Produce my music since 1985
INCA Music is my official Publisher .....
PICTOMEDIA my Video Producer

Re: end of Nebra project?

markus - le 18-05-06 à 22:34 - #

hi there,

that's a really sad thing. I heard about it from people into the electronic scene, so I wanted to have a look around myself here in your blog. I am myself a fan of electronic music from 70s to present (Kraftwerk, TD, Schulze, Redshift, Mark Shreeve, Michael Garrison, Vangelis (but more his early stuff, Heaven and Hell etc.pp.), and so on...

This would have really been an occasion - even more because there was already music written for this project (!) as I learnt from Wolfgang Fluer's mail - btw, nice to see him posting here - I've read your biography and wrote a review about it. Quite a fascinating work and description of Kraftwerk as well as the music scene of the 70's and 80's... :-) Kraftwerk is cult ! (only till Computerworld and Taschenrechner - but that is something...)

Wasn't YOUR agent, i.e manager, no able to place the project with a rec company or publisher? Or to make a deal? Funny thing, since so many people were obviously interested in it as it seems.

Well, as they say, never give up hope, maybe something will come of this project in the end - would be great.


Markus (from F.R.G.)

Don´t stop the Nebra sky disc project

Christian Semrau - le 17-05-06 à 15:26 - #


my name is Christian and i´m working for the town of Goslar.

I really can´t believe it! Such an interesting musical project and now it´s stopped!Everybody in the region, where the Nebra sky disc was found, knows about this magical artefact. It seeems like it´s made for music with pure magic.I ´ve heard before mouth rumours about such a projecct from a lot of music fans and tried already to find something without success. I really can´t understand music business!

Please don´t stop it! Go for Nebra! The world needs it!

Martijn Kuisberg - le 18-05-06 à 18:16 - #

Well, Mr Rousseau, I think that your decision probably isn't the worst idea. To be honest: who needs today another album which sounds like Vangelis?

There are so many other very talented musicians out there who could have a good start with the Nebra project. If you don't want it: let it be!

M. Kuisberg


frederick - le 18-05-06 à 20:11 - #

If you don't want it: let it be!  This is exactly what i am doing , Mister
 No Big Deal.... 

Re: Re:

jaxx - le 18-05-06 à 21:18 - #

It seems many people know the situation better than Frederick himself. In my country we have a saying about people knowing everything so good: they always stand on the side with their hands in their pockets, not doing anything.

Also the message about Fredo's music sounding like Vangelis..thats a bit sad. If you took the time to listen to it you would have noticed that there are many ethnic instruments and voices involved, ambiance is always stronger and the melody never as strong as Vangelis. Honestly, I think you cannot fool any Vangelisfan with a piece by Frederick. Too bad we have to discuss that here..

And to Wolfgang Flur: very nice to see you posting here! Kraftwerk rules!

Re: Re: Re:

Anonyme - le 18-05-06 à 22:28 - #

And melody never as strong as Jarre! I won't start a discussion such this, but you cannot fool any Jarrefan with a piece of Rousseau's also! I just want to refer to a previous stupid post saying that Rousseau's effect on Jarre...

Despite this, its pity Frederick won't work together with Jarre on his next album...

nebra disc

freakCha - le 20-05-06 à 14:32 - #

dear mr. rousseau,
it's really a pity that german major companies don't seem to recognize the commercial potential of a release dedicated to one of the  most interesting finds concerning human culture, the NEBRA DISC, especially when it is done by  an experienced and well-known composer like you.
people all around the world interested in electronic music have already heard rumours of you being engaged in setting sounds to this wonderful testimony of ancient interest in cosmic matters, and it would really be a sad thing if  you let pass this opportunity to present  YOUR personal musical ideas  connected with the NEBRA DISC.
please don't let your fans down and go on with your struggle to release this wonderful music....
all the best

Sky Disc of Nebra

Winfrid Trenkler - le 30-05-06 à 17:31 - #

Dear Frederick Rousseau,

it was not incidental that I heard about the "Himmelsscheibe von Nebra" and its discovery. You only had to follow the news, as an average citizen, to learn about this mega sensation which marks a milestone not only in history of culture but also in history of mankind. As to the cultural evolution of our species the importance of this artefact is second to none, be it the pyramids, Stonehenge or whatsoever. So it was only adequate that the "Himmelsscheibe" made its virtual travel (as mastercopy and by print and electronic media) round the globe. Astonishing and exciting millions and millions of people, crossing national and cultural borders. (By now at least 500 millions of people round the globe know about it. That's a measured figure.) The earliest object which documents and preserves the view and reflection of the outer cosmos constitutes a piece of supracultural common nominator of us all.

It was incidental that I was among the first public visitors to see the uncomparable sky disc when it was first exhibited in the praehistorical museum (Landesmuseum fuer Vorgeschichte) in Halle. Not very far from Nebra (Sachsen-Anhalt, Allemagne) where it had been discovered. The fascination which overwhelmed us visitors was enormous. I found myself staring at this unbelievable artefact... standing and glancing through it into eternity....Until I got smoothly pushed aside. Others, everybody felt attracted and wished to step nearer into this magic aura.

It was also incidental that.... or in other words: Not long thereafter the coincidence happened to which makes me pick up the pen right now and write these lines. Having contact with Eckhard Reuter here and then I suddenly heard that he had the idea to combine the Sky Disc of Nebra with some congenial and adequate music and that he had already promoted this idea to a concrete project (in contractual accordance with the museum). "Gorgeous!", "Absolutely right so!", "What a fantastic idea!", "Congratulation!"... Such were my exclamations. Having understood that it was you, Frederick, turning this splendid idea into real music I believed the matter in best hands. And (somewhat later) judging from the bits I could catch via telephone I felt confirmed in my belief.

Now I've heard and read that you are about to drop the Nebra project. If I hadn't had my personal encounter with the "Himmelsscheibe" and if I hadn't been thrilled by the idea to connect it with European Electronic Music of high quality I would not have put my nose into this affair. If a musician does or does not finish a certain record is something I normally don't intervene in. But this project here is an outstanding concept! It could give inspiration and birth to a memorable and meaningful and worldwide appreciated piece of music. Frederick, if you had said "wait, I must do a stop, it's so challenging. I want to be sure my music is adequate enough", I could have followed. But for finding a distributor somewhat sooner or later? Good gracious, that's peanuts compared with what you have already your hands, your brain, your potential in! Therfore I ask you to think it over. Finish it! Make history!

Winfrid Trenkler, Germany/Sweden

P.S.: If I took myself able to do an adequate Sky Disc music I would immediately go for it. But I am not a good musician (apart from playing piano, privatissime!), I'm a music journalist and as such very experienced and somewhat competent in evaluating quite a few things.    

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