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WORLD.COM episode 3


This is a short demo of WORLD.COM part 3... "Space Lounge Concept"....
A small trip to London, at the end of last week for a nice Choirs session experiments and meeting with Stewart Townsend for organising English remixes on the album.... I left a hard disk with 4 songs to be ambienced by the "English Indian Remixer"....
You can still listening part 1 and 2 on previous articles... WORLD.COM

Ecrit par frederick, le Jeudi 8 Juin 2006, 03:09 dans "ACTUALITÉS".

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jaxx - le 08-06-06 à 18:34 - #

This project sounds very good. I hope I will be able to get this on the silver disc. Now I am even more curious for the rest!!!!!

chris - le 13-06-06 à 00:18 - #

dans le morceaux a 3 minutes 10 pendant une douzaine de secondes , clin d 'oeil a Souvenir de Chine de Jarre ?

Great New Music!!!

Anonyme - le 19-06-06 à 21:57 - #

Well, Frederick, just great, well done!

Music remindes us of Vangelis, Jarre - but it is your original and distinctive sound!!! Here in Russia more known your works with these giants, than your solo albums, but I hope that situation would change. I would wait for your new album with the anticipation.

Prevoius track inspired by Lord Byron - also of highest possible quality.

I like "Darkness" by Byron - very modern feeling in this verses - now I would like it even more.

Re: Great New Music!!!

Sergey - le 19-06-06 à 21:59 - #

P.S. I`m not anonym. My name is Sergey. I live in Moscow.

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