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10th December 2007

Hi Everyone Back from a long musical trip...
I left Paris on the 14th Febrary and came back on the 3rd December.... Nearly 9 mounths of differents projects following by Events and new Titles composed or concepted by Vangelis... You will get more informations about VANGELIS officals news


Now let's give you a 6 minutes new titles specially dedicated to Mr Ervin HOFFMANN and Jean Claude HOFFMftrfANN ; they left us and fly to a new world.... I missed them already. I will come back soon on the blug to let you know the future ....

Ecrit par frederick, le Vendredi 7 Décembre 2007, 21:43 dans "ACTUALITÉS".

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Welcome back!

JAXx - le 13-12-07 à 21:46 - #

Welcome back!


Max - le 14-12-07 à 14:55 - #

I'm waiting for the 3cd Blade runner to be delivered to me...however I have to think there are some ungrateful people out there, some reviews are tough telling that the new score is again not complete...I belive that if the Greek composer you're working for would have left one second of music out of the release, they could have claimed that it was an important second of soundtrack; well intimately I think so too but anyway I'm happy I can hear quality stuff for the first time. Of course, the same Greek composer above mentioned has this strange relationship with his own music I still don't understand apart from the fact that it is his own stuff and he can do evrything he wants with it; on the other hand I believe it's not this shameful to release completely a handful of compositions who set a path on how to melt sounds and stick them to  deep support the pace of another thing which the music is working for. Is anyway such an unhonorful compromise to make something downloadable anyway if is it too out of place? Anyway, just loud spoken thoughts....

I'm otherwise amazed from the tracks you're making avaliable on your blog, because you're using some more CS-80 on them and it proves that you're using this not-for-everyone instrument in the right way...any hope to have some album fully featuring the old organ ? A friend suggested the dvd of Mondeo World but it would fantastic to hear some of that music plus new composed pieces on a regular CD or make them avaliable through paid download....why not thinking about it?
Cheers and a never ending thanks for your restless work!


Max - le 14-12-07 à 15:07 - #

Excuse me, really I meant Mondeo Nostrum

Anonyme - le 27-12-07 à 15:40 - #

salut Fredo

celui le morceau me fais bien kiffer , cool pour les news

sinon t'embauche pas ? lol

a bientot .


go on

Moises - le 01-01-08 à 20:01 - #

I only want to say you that there are a lot of people that love your work, not only in Vangelis' albums, but your own music (really a delicatessen).

Sincerely, thanks for the music that you share with us. I appreciate it very much.

Best Regards from Spain.

Moises D. Díaz

Hmm, anyway....

omissis - le 25-01-08 à 23:45 - #

....I hope one day I will understand why the most fantastic composition ever made by the Greek composer you're working for has been so brutally edited and reduced to 6 minutes (it's "Deckard and Roy's duel")....does the Greek composer hate long compositions by now? That composition in its full lenght was a blast of emotions , it was like myself was looking at the pictures with the eyes of the Greek composer......what now?

Older - le 10-02-08 à 04:48 - #

 J'ai aimé beaucoup le sujet que tu as ici placé. Peut-être la percussion n'est pas tout de le tout travaillée et finie, mais c'est un sujet admirable. Merci beaucoup!!


Older - le 10-02-08 à 04:55 - #

 Vous pardonnez. Le commentaire était visant le à son sujet intitulé "Cold and Blue, V2". Du sujet nombre neuf seulement je peux dire qu'il est excellent !


jeff - le 28-03-08 à 01:00 - #

Enfin de retour sur le blog . J'espère que tu vas redonner quelques espoirs à tes fidèles , et reprendre l ' ouvrage  pour notre plus grand bonheur . Cela serait génial de ta part que tu fasses une info sur les sujets et
échanges assez riches en 2007 , dont on attend bien évidemment une suite ...Le 09 avril est proche , et nous
sommes à l'aube d'un demi siècle ... Une édition spéciale pourrait le célébrer ...

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